You never quite know what’s going to happen out on the road but this was a first for me. We arrived at the Hyatt in Branchburg, NJ at 12:30 am psyched for the two shows later that day. My phone alarm went off in the morning only to discover there wasn’t any power in the hotel, no lights, no hot water, no elevators…and right outside the hotel we could see why…a dump truck took out a power pole, rolled over with it and continued to break three more poles. No question, NO power.

OK so being clean would be nice but not the end of the world, we’ll get ready at the RVCC Theatre. We are about to the leave the hotel when the venue calls, perplexed that there isn’t power and disappointed because they have to cancel the noon show. Long story short both shows were cancelled much to our dismay but a dark theatre is not a safe theatre, especially the day before Halloween.

We are rescheduling for February so all is not lost. The fine folks in Branchburg and at the RVCC Theatre made the tough call but it was the right call. Looking forward to seeing everyone in February…but maybe not Friday the 13th!

Cheers, Mike

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Route 22 closes for hours, power outages cancel RVCC Mike Aiken events after truck crash