2020 Voyage postponed until 2021. July 11-17, 2021

In A Seashell:

Mike and Amy have partnered with the schooner Victory Chimes, which sails out of Rockland, Maine, to offer you a chance to voyage with us ‘Down East’ along the coast of Maine.

The duo will be giving two evening concerts on board during the cruise. In addition, for those interested, Mike will be offering a rare songwriters retreat while underway.  This will be a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience not to be missed in an intimate and personal setting.

Book your cabin: VictoryChimes.com
Book your workshop by emailing: songwriter@mikeaikenmusic.com

(While you may book a cabin aboard the Victory Chimes, without the songwriter workshop, you must book a cabin to book the workshop. :))

A Songwriters Retreat Underway?  What Exactly Does That Mean???

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: The songwriters workshop is available to passengers who are interested in the art of songwriting (maximum of 10 participants)
WHAT IS BEING OFFERED: A songwriters retreat conducted by Mike Aiken aboard the schooner Victory Chimes
WHERE DOES THIS HAPPEN: On board the Victory Chimes, underway between Rockland and Portland, Maine
WHEN: July 11-17, 2020

Scope of Retreat:

We all have stories to tell. Whether you are a seasoned songwriter or not, Mike will expand your awareness of what you are capable of and inspire your songwriting. He has been actively giving songwriting seminars for the past fifteen years, has released seven studio albums, one first-round Recording Academy / GRAMMYs nomination, #1 and #13 in Europe, five songs in the Top 25 US charts.

Experience: No previous songwriting experience is necessary to participate. All that is required is an interest in songwriting, an open attitude and desire to learn. Instruments are not required but are certainly welcome. 

1. Topics May Include

A. Where do/can songs come from?

B. What makes a song work?

C. Discipline – as it applies to songwriting

D. What is a hook? When/how to use them

E. Co-writing. Is it for you? Pros and cons

F. What comes first – lyric or melody?

2. Performance Tips and Tricks

Mike has been performing on stages in over 15 countries for more years than he wants to admit. He will share what has worked, and what has not, in his career including:

A. How to ‘sell’ your song to an audience

B. Stage presence and its importance

C. Laying out a set

D. Being professional – with the presenter and the audience

E. Understanding the relationship between the artist and the audience

Cost for Songwriter workshop $150 Payable by check to: Mike Aiken Music or via PayPal.

If paying by check, please mail check to:

Mike Aiken Music, 1553 Bayville Street, Norfolk, VA 23503

Payment must be received by A

pril 1, 2020 to reserve your spot!


A little about Mike and Amy:

Mike Aiken’s vast treasure chest of experiences and mastery of varied stringed instruments have contributed to a catalog of music that cannot be defined by one genre or style. This well-traveled Virginia songwriter and sea captain may have been born in the wrong century. Aiken has drawn tales – and hope – from trail riders, aging rodeo champs, sea captains, Rastafarians and outlaws, to craft tunes that draw the threads of these independent spirits together. Amy Aiken, Mike’s musical and adventuring partner from stage to sea, brings her own sincerity and personality to the duo, delivering sweet harmony vocals and tasty percussion. Each is a licensed US Coast Guard Captain, has sailed over 30,000 blue water miles, and logged countless miles on the road performing in North America and Europe. Together they have also logged seven studio albums, one first-round Recording Academy / GRAMMYs nomination, #1 and #13 in Europe, five songs in the Top 25 US charts.