Almost Christmas CD

Almost Christmas CD


For years Mike had been asked by fans, radio and family to release a
holiday CD. While the holidays are this sailing troubadour’s favorite time of the year, he wanted his holiday tracks to be true to him and not another overproduced holiday product. ALMOST CHRISTMAS is truly Mike Aiken. Mike set the mood in the studio to record a warm group of songs that covers his back-road country roots as much as it does spending Christmas in mid-ocean. The goal: to capture the warmth and feel of his favorite Christmases and share those with his listeners.

“Country music with drive and a swagger.” – Maverick Magazine

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"A performer loved by audiences."
- Virginia Commission for the Arts
"Mike is something of a floating John Prine crossed with Ry Cooder." - Sail Magazine
"Great show! Very happy with Mike, we will have him back."
- Joshua M. Freeman Foundation