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Rating *****
"Of all the review copies that have come my way in 2013, this is the best one I've received"
-Stacy Harris, Music Row Review

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Latest News:
The Cowboy and the ocean - Le Cri Du Coyote
Feature article. Read in French (March 2014)
Captains & Cowboys - For Your Grammy Consideration

Captains & Cowboys is on the ballot to be nominated for a Grammy - Country Album. Read news (10-14-13)

Sesac signs aiken

SESAC has welcomed artist/songwriter Mike Aiken for representation. Read news (7-23-13)

Billboard feature - 615 spotlight - Mike Talks...

Chuck Dauphin Read news (6-13-13)

5 stars - Of all the review copies that have come my way in 2013, this is the best one I've received. -

Stacy's Music Row Review (read review) (5-1-2013)

Aiken Makes A Strong Case For Inclusion in the roll-call of better- known names in alt/country music today. - Scene magazine

Imagine a slightly mellower version of Buddy Miller with a lighter touch and you get the picture. Read review. (4-25-13)

Remember Melville and the Pequod? - Captains & Cowboys Review - FAME

... listening to this CD is like sitting across the barroom and watching a hillbilly, a cowboy, and a sagebrush-tattered professor from the College of Hard Knocks throwing back shots 'n brews while extolling life and its grassroots perplexities alongside joys and sunsets. Read review (4-24-13)

"Aiken distills various outlaw spirits of the past into his own mix..." - Midwest Record
Certainly a dandy new vector for Americana... read article (4-9-13)
"...the nautical sea captain's talent for writing honest American music..." - Roughstock
much of it written as he sailed the seas on his floating home... read article (4-3-13)